How to Choose Your Keywords

Written by Lexi Davis
Updated 1 year ago

One of the most important components when creating your Gigg Board  are the keywords. When entering in your keywords, you don't want to be too general, you want to be as specific as you can to your brand or company. This will aggregate the most relevant content for your brand. Picking too general of a keyword will inundate your inbox with content that doesn’t relate to you brand. For example, if you are marketing for Gibson Brands Musical Instruments, you would not want to make “Gibson” or “Guitars” a keyword.  This would aggregate thousands of posts relating to anyone named Gibson or anyone talking about guitars.  Rather you would want to track “Gibson Guitar”, or “Gibson Music”, and their brand specific hashtag “#onlyagibsonisgoodenough”.  Tracking the right key terms is crucial to having an effective social inbox.

What we recommend using as your keywords are: your handle on your social media accounts, a hashtag specific to your brand, and a hashtag you are using for a social campaign. 

Once you have decided on which keywords, add them to your Gigg account! 

  1. Login to your Gigg account. 

  2. Click on Inbox Settings

  3. Click on the Inbox tab located at the top of the page. 

Here you can enter up to three keywords. Once these are entered, you will start seeing content in your Social Inbox. 

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