How to Create and Use Custom Buttons

Written by Lexi Davis
Updated 1 year ago

There are a couple features you can use to customize your board on the Web Display. One of these ways is creating a custom button on a post. This is a great feature to generate a call-to-action for your customers. It is really easy to do!

Click on one of your Boards located on the Sidebar Menu on the left-hand side. Once you are here, click on a Pinned Post.  It will display like this: 

From here, click on Options up at the top. Here you have the option to add Button Text and any URL.

Once you've added a Custom Link, it will add a Button under the text on the Web Display.

In the example, we use the University of Utah Admissions Office Board. When you click on the customized "Apply Now" button it opens up a new web page to apply to the University of Utah.  

You can create a different Custom Link on every post! We love this feature and it can be useful when directing a customer to a specific product or page! 

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