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Your intro video is so important. That doesn't mean it has to be incredibly difficult to produce, nor does it mean it needs to be expensive. It just needs some real social currency so that people want to share it.

With that, here are the main pieces of a successful introduction video script:

  • Make it emotional. That doesn't mean anyone who watches it has to cry like that commercial about abandoned dogs with Sarah McClaughlin in the background. There are other emotions like: humor, pride, love, thankful, hopeful, bold, creative, etc.

  • Make it accessible to the public. Talk about how easy it is to enter the challenge.

  • Mention the important parts. For people to know what to do, don't forget to mention:

    • The name and sponsor (if any) of the challenge

    • The important dates. There are only 2 dates that matter. They are: "Get your submission in by date" and "Winner will be announced on" date. Never share a start date because that could change.

    • The prize! It's what incentivizes the entrants so make it a big part of your intro video.

    • Don't forget to tell people HOW to enter. (Example: "Submit a 30 second or shorter video of your child showing off their incredible talent!")

    • Steer them to your website.

  • Keep it short. Ideally it should be less than 90 seconds in length.

Now that you know the basic layout of a good intro video script (and you'll need to adjust that according to your needs and audience, here are a few examples of some great intro videos that have been done in the past.

Example Intro Videos

  1. Imagine Dragons

  2. Michael Buble

  3. Bethany Hamilton

  4. DodgerYard

  5. McKayla Skinner

  6. Cal Baseball

  7. Spry & Whitney Leavitt

  8. PBFit

  9. Bucked Up Hoopfest

  10. BYU FTX

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