How to implement Board into Revel Digital

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How to implement Board into Revel Digital This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on displaying your Board via Revel Digital platform Ryne

Gigg has recently released a gadget within the Revel Digital platform. This gadget is still in beta, but is going through further testing.

Step 1: Login to Revel & Gigg

You will first need to log into both your Revel and Gigg accounts.

Step 2: Create a Gadget template

Once logged in, hover over the left side menu and select Templates. From the Templates page, click on New Template. Create a name for your new template and click Save. Then click on Design Template. In the Template Editor screen, from the sidebar, select the Gadget icon. Revel will then pre-populate a 350x350 gadget. Double click on the new Gadget in the layout screen. This will then open up the Gadget Editor screen on the right.

Step 3: Paste XML code & Gigg ID information

Under the Gadget options side drawer, paste the following code under the Source input and select Refresh:

Once the Gigg gadget URL has been populated, it will then prompt you for an Account ID and Folder ID. This information can be found from the unique URL from your Board. In your Gigg account, select Pinned from the side menu. In the top left corner, there are a few icons. Click on the Monitor icon. This will open a new tab with URL information. You will then be able to copy your Account ID and Folder ID from this URL. Your URL should looks something similar to this:

Do NOT copy the "&" immediately following the ID information. You will need to copy the "accountId" as follows from the example "e3022d9a-8bc1-4625-80ea-28eab12345d2" and the folderID as follows "123df6b5-8e16-4902-90ff-1f7f32895f87". Paste the two ID numbers in their corresponding fields in your Gadget builder within Revel. 

Step 4: Test 

Once the fields have been entered into the Gadget, click out of the side drawer back into the Gadget screen. This will automatically save the information. In the top center of the screen is a Play button, click on this to verify that you have correctly entered the information. Once you have pressed the Play button, your Board should be correctly displayed in the preview.

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Did this answer your question?