Written by Lexi Davis
Updated 1 year ago

SquareSpace This article explains the steps taken to embed your Board into a SquareSpace website.

In your Gigg dashboard, select the Inbox with the Board you are looking to embed. From the Side Menu, under Boards select the specific Board. From the top right, select the Three Dot icon, the select Display Board. From here, highlight the type of web Board you will display. Once selected, click on the “</>” icon. This will copy the embed code to your clipboard.

Login to your SquareSpace account. On the page that you wish to embed your Gigg Board HTML code, select the Section that you wish to place the Board and click Edit.

Within the Section, select the “+” or Add Block. Under the Basic section within Content Blocks, select Embed.

Once the Embed block has been placed in the desired area of your site and the Embed modal appears, click on the “</>” button. A new Embed Data modal will appear. Within the text block, paste your copied embed code and click Set. 

The code has now been embedded. Many users see a “Script Disabled” error appear within the code block; however, the code has been placed. To test, click Save within your Content Section and open a new private browsing window and go to your live website or page. If done correctly, your Gigg Board will appear as it has been configured within your settings.

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